Bugs plague Teamfight Tactics after Patch 9.20 goes live

Fans are encountering some hiccups with the latest update.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics fans are complaining about a slew of bugs affecting the autobattler after Patch 9.20 went live today.

A TFT fan compiled a list of frustrating issues in a Reddit post today, claiming that 9.20 is the “buggiest patch since release.”

One of the biggest glitches involves trait bonuses not appearing even when you have the proper units on the board. To get around this, some players discovered that placing champions on the bench and then back on the board will fix the bug. This has to be done after every round, however.

TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer addressed the issue on Twitter today, claiming that it’s only a visual bug and the traits still work properly even if they aren’t showing up on the tool tip.

The developers are also aware of a bug in which Overtime doesn’t commence after the round timer ends, resulting in a draw instead.

One fan complained that they lost all of their life points because the Overtime feature didn’t work properly.

“Can confirm lost ALL of my hp in overtime and lost the game, not playing ranked until they fixed it,” the fan commented on the Reddit thread.

In addition to in-game issues, players are encountering problems with the TFT client. Beta Pass V.3 kicked off today but loading issues make the tracker unviewable, and some players claim that missions and the Orb of Enlightenment also aren’t functioning.

Fans eager to lend a hand to TFT devs can post any issues with Patch 9.20 in a reply to Mortdog’s tweet.