When does One For All return to League of Legends?

Five Yuumis? Why not?

Image via Riot Games

Popular League of Legends game mode One For All is making its grand return two years after it was last available. 

The hectic five-vs-five mode takes place on Summoner’s Rift with the only difference being all champions on each team are the same. It has the potential for some hilarious situations. Five Blitzcranks hooking left, right, and center, five Heimdingers each with their own set of turrets, or even five Yuumis surfing their books in unison—the possibilities are endless.

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One For All was first available to play in 2013, lasting just one month. Back then, there was no such thing as rotating game modes, so it didn’t make a return until years later. Now, it’s back again and it looks better than ever with plenty of new champions joining the game.

Since April 2018, when One for All was last playable, eight champions have been released. Pyke, Neeko, Sylas, Yuumi, Qiyana, Senna, Aphelios, and Sett are now available to play in the game mode. 

The return of One for All coincides with League’s Patch 10.7, which is expected to release on April Fools’ Day, April 1. The patch also includes the newly reworked and frankly terrifying Fiddlesticks, a slew of champion and item changes, and a set of skins.