When does League’s Coven event end?

League's latest event is now live.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ Coven event began earlier today and will last throughout the course of the next month. It’s scheduled to end precisely on Sept. 14 at 1:59am CT. Although players will be unable to complete missions after that point in time, they’ll still have the option to spend any tokens they’ve collected during the Coven event until Sept. 29 at 1:59am CT. 

The Coven event is the fourth official in-game event of 2021 for League following Space Groove, PROJECT, and Sentinels of Light. The Sentinels event ended just two days ago, so today’s launch of the Coven event marks one of the quickest turnarounds between in-game League events. 

Throughout the course of the Coven event, players will be able to complete missions to earn rewards including Coven event tokens, Prestige Points, Blue Essence, emotes, and many more in-game items. Players who purchase the Coven 2021 event pass will have access to exclusive missions, each of which comes with a different set of rewards. 

Image via Riot Games

The standard Coven event pass, which costs 1,650 RP, includes the pass itself, four Coven Orbs, and 200 Coven tokens. If you’re looking for a bit more content, though, the Coven event pass bundle contains the pass, orbs, and tokens, in addition to a Coven LeBlanc icon, the Coven LeBlanc skin, and LeBlanc (if the champion isn’t in your collection already). Players who farm 2,000 Coven tokens will be able to purchase the Prestige Edition of Coven LeBlanc. 

In addition to all of the content that comes along with the Coven event pass, players can head to the in-client store now and purchase the latest additions to the Coven skin line. The legendary Coven Evelynn skin and Coven skins for Ahri, Ashe, and Cassiopeia are all available now. Two skins in the “Old God” skin line for Warwick and Malphite are also available. 

League’s Coven event is now available to play on the live servers and will last until Sept. 14 at 1:59am CT. 

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