When does Bel’Veth release in League of Legends?

“This world will not be forgotten. I will replace it—a child devouring its parent.”

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ 160th champion is the Void-based jungler Bel’Veth. The Void Empress will swarm onto the Rift with her minions on June 8. She will be coming out with Patch 12.11, according to her ability rundown page.

The champion, according to her biography, is the result of “combined memories, experiences, and emotions of an entire devoured port city and its outlying ocean.” That Shuriman city is none other than Bel’Veth herself. She consumed the entire city and its memories, and now, she seeks to destroy Runeterra and the Watchers.

On May 20, Riot Games released a cinematic named “All That Will Ever Be,” which gave players a first look at Bel’Veth and an interaction with Kai’Sa, another Void champion. Both characters face off at the Lavender Sea and, in the end, the Daughter of the Void seems to get caught and Bel’Veth reveals her true form. 

Kai’Sa’s splash art has also since been changed following the trailer, indicating a future Void event taking place after Bel’Veth arrives in the game. When Bel’Veth finally hits Summoner’s Rift, Riot plans to ship the Udyr rework before launching a top lane tank based out of Shurima.

When is Bel’Veth coming to League of Legends?

Bel’Veth will debut in League Patch 12.11, which is slated to go live on Wednesday, June 8, according to the official League patch schedule.

The Void champion comes with quad directional dashes, monster spawns, and other tricks, which should shake up the jungle meta. You can find all of her abilities here