Vitality welcomes 3 new players to its LEC roster for next year

The org finally showcased its roster.

Photo via Riot Games/Michał Konkol

Team Vitality has at long last introduced its LEC lineup for 2023.

As expected based on the offseason leaks, Vitality’s new League of Legends roster is built around one player from the 2022 squad: Perkz. The other four players include three newcomers to the organization and a player who has not yet made his debut in the European competition—Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík, Norman Kaiser, Kyeong “Photon” Gyu-tae, and Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo.

Three of these players saw their contracts run out in the last two months, and all three of them were already rumored to join Vitality’s ranks in the LEC. Bo, on the other hand, joined Vitality as a substitute in June 2022 and has now been promoted to the main jungler role. He previously was a part of FunPlus Phoenix and eStar Young.

Bo isn’t the only imported player on Vitality’s 2023 roster, though. Photon joins the squad after a one-year stint with T1 Challengers. He also previously represented the academy of Liiv SANDBOX and Gen.G.

The two European players joining Vitality are Neon and Kaiser. The former found himself teamless after Misfits bid farewell to the LEC this year and was replaced by Team Heretics. The latter played under MAD Lions’ banner for the past three years, hoisting two LEC trophies in that time. He left MAD in November despite having another year on his contract, with his replacement on the team being another renowned European support, Hylissang.

The LEC will return on Jan. 21 with the 2023 Winter Split, which was introduced on Nov. 18 alongside some other changes to the competition’s format.

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