Viego will remain disabled for week 8 of 2021 LEC Spring Split, but real “possibility” he will debut in playoffs, Riot says

It's almost Viego's time to shine.

Image via Riot Games

Viego, League of Legends’ latest champion, could finally be about to make his debut in pro play. 

The Ruined King will remain disabled on Patch 11.5 for week eight of the 2021 LEC Spring Split, according to LEC commissioner Maximilian Peter Schmidt, but there’s “still a possibility” he will debut in the playoffs on Patch 11.6. This also means there’s a “chance” the champion will be available in time for the Mid-Season Invitational in May.

Since releasing on Jan. 21, Viego has been plagued with issues. A number of game-breaking bugs have been fixed by the developers, but more have since been uncovered. 

One interaction with the champion caused the client to crash. Another allowed Viego to permanently summon Yone’s soul after possessing him, providing vision for the duration of the match. And another more recent bug involved an exploit with Dark Seal and an infinite pool of ability power.

The champion’s kit allows him to possess the bodies of enemies, leading to all sorts of potential issues.

If Riot decides to enable Viego for the playoffs, he will make his debut in the closing stages of March. It remains to be seen if other competitive regions will follow suit with the LEC, but it’s certainly a likely scenario.

The LEC will continue on Friday, March 12, where the six top teams will be decided for the playoffs.