Viego will remain disabled for weeks 6 and 7 of 2021 LEC Spring Split

The jungler gives new meaning to the word "ruined."

Image via Riot Games

It seems like Viego still isn’t ready for the big stage.

LEC commissioner Maximilian Peter Schmidt updated League of Legends fans today on Viego’s professional European debut. After numerous bugs and balancing issues, the Ruined King will remain disabled in weeks six and seven of the 2021 LEC Spring Split.

Schmidt said earlier this month that Riot would re-evaluate Viego’s LEC appearance after bug fixes in Patch 11.4. But it appears he’s still giving devs some issues.

The jungler’s complex kit allows him to possess the bodies of slain enemies, creating a unique interaction with all other champs in the game. But this has caused several bugs that have the potential to negatively impact competitive integrity.

YouTuber Vandiril showcased some game-breaking Viego interactions that can cause the client to crash. Another bug found by a player allowed Viego to permanently summon Yone’s soul after possessing him, providing vision for the entirety of the match.

Viego also presents a balancing issue due to his ability to lane and jungle. Principal champ designer August Browning explained that the Ruined King’s win rate was higher mid than in the jungle, which could cause a potential flex issue in pro play. Riot already took away some of his sustain against minions in Patch 11.3 and will target that again if he needs more lane nerfs.

The LEC action will continue this Friday, Feb. 26.

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