Viego will still be disabled for week 4 of 2021 LEC Spring Split

His appearance in week six will be "re-evaluated" after more bug fixes.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ latest jungler, Viego, is still causing too many bugs to be enabled for the next week of LEC matches. LEC commissioner Maximilian Peter Schmidt said on Twitter yesterday that Viego will remain disabled from LEC play this week.

The champion was released on Jan. 21 and was enabled in ranked play immediately after. Some game-breaking bugs surfaced while people were playing the champion, however.

Some players, for example, found that Viego sometimes caused the game to crash in specific situations. YouTuber Vandiril highlighted two possibly major bugs that made the game crash or disappear without leaving a trace because of Viego’s specific interactions with other champions.

Players also encountered some funnier bugs, such as Viego getting horns for the entire game when possessing Soulhunter Kayn. Another player put Yone’s shadow permanently in a game, offering free vision for his team even after the possession ended.

Viego represents a technical challenge for Riot Games because his possession mechanic allows him to have a unique interaction with the other 153 champions in League and his Harrowed Path modifies the Rift. The developers will have to work on fixes before enabling him in official competitive matches, although he’s still enabled in ranked.

Schmidt also mentioned bug fixes involving Viego coming with Patch 11.4, but they’ve yet to be officially outlined in a Patch 11.4 preview. The update will hit the PBE servers soon and will be released on the live servers on Feb. 18, one day before the launch of the LEC Spring Split’s fifth week.

Meanwhile, the fourth week of 2021 LEC Spring Split will kick off on Friday, Feb. 12 at 11am CT.

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