Vici Gaming score a major upset against RNG in 2020 LPL Spring Split

Is kk0ma back in action?

Photo via Riot Games

China’s LPL is getting wilder with every passing day. The 16th-place team, Vici Gaming, managed to beat RNG, a top-four squad, today.

Bot laner iBoy had a marvelous first game on Miss Fortune and received the MVP award. He had great positioning and awareness in teamfights, ending with four kills, one death, and nine assists.

Mid laner Forge smurfed on the RNG squad in the second game on Qiyana, ending the game with eight kills, one death, and two assists to earn the MVP.

The first game started quite rough for VG. After failing an early dive in the top lane, they set themselves behind by giving RNG’s Aatrox an early lead with a double buff.

This advantage allowed RNG to have immense pressure up in the top lane, demanding attention from VG’s jungler and freeing pressure from his other lanes. Even though RNG had a 5,000 gold lead, they gave up two early drakes, which became their doom later on.

After RNG overextended to kill the second tier tower in the mid lane, VG responded with a wombo combo, securing two kills and giving themselves some room to get back into the game.

VG secured the Cloud Dragon Soul and went to Baron, but RNG were having none of that. They forced a teamfight but they lost it, costing them the first game.

The second game started much better for VG. They focused on shutting down Aatrox in the top lane—and they succeded. The gold from kills went to Forge on Qiyana, who was able to use this lead to his team’s advantage.

Even though RNG looked for plays around the map, they didn’t manipulate their lanes well enough, which allowed VG to end the game after scoring an ace at 24 minutes near the Dragon pit.

VG’s offseason was deemed to be one of the most successful, acquiring iBoy from EDG and three-time world champion coach kk0ma from T1. While they looked amazing on paper, the team failed to find synergy and they’re sitting at the bottom of the barrel in the LPL standings. This win should give the players a bit of motivation back, though, and help them find more success in upcoming games.

RNG were on a four-game winning streak and were likely looking to pick up an easy victory, but their dreams were shattered after VG showed up today. With this loss, RNG are down to sixth place in the LPL Spring Split standings. They’ll have the chance to reclaim their glory against FunPlus Phoenix on Sunday, March 22 at 6am CT on the official LPL broadcast channel.