Vi quality-of-life changes accompanying League Patch 11.22

Riot isn't holding back any punches.

Image via Riot Games

One of the stars of Riot Games’ upcoming Netflix series, Arcane, is getting a few touch-ups to allow her to pack a bigger punch on the Rift more consistently.

August, principal champion designer on League of Legends, revealed that, alongside a multitude of other changes accompanying Patch 11.22, Vi will be receiving some minor tweaks to her gameplay that bring her up to speed with other junglers. These changes specifically tackle inconsistencies attached to a few of her abilities that have gone untouched for quite some time.

Vi’s Q, Vault Breaker, is not only having its knockback duration increased slightly, but it will now react better when Flash is used during the ability’s activation. When used to go over terrain, the distance traveled will now be slightly larger to make it so that Vi doesn’t finish the ability in or next to the terrain.

The Enforcer of Piltover’s ultimate ability is receiving the most substantial changes. The knockup duration of Vi’s R will now always be 1.4 seconds, straying away from the variation based on how far Vi was from the target when the ability was used. The channel of the ult will now also be a lot smoother, and those caught in the channel will be knocked back immediately upon making contact with Vi rather than shortly thereafter.

Vi will also be receiving a substantial amount of love from Riot in the coming weeks due to her starring role in their new show, Arcane. Riot previously revealed new skins for Vi and Jayce based on their appearances within the show, but it has not mentioned how players will be able to obtain them. Arcane will release on Netflix on Nov. 6, the same day as the final day of the 2021 World Championship.

Patch 11.22 is set to release on Nov. 3. All of the changes presented in the patch preview, as well as these Vi changes, are subject to alteration before their release on live servers.

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