Udyr’s rework hits live servers in League of Legends

Walk with the spirits.

Image via Riot Games

At long last, the rework to Udyr is now live on League of Legends servers. The 13-year-old champion has been the subject of a complete overhaul for the better part of the last two years, and finally, Udyr’s visual and gameplay updates are available to play.

Udyr was initially voted on by League fans as the subject of a rework back in February 2021. Players had the choice between Uydr, Shyvana, Quinn, Nocturne, and Skarner for a potential rework, and they selected Udyr with a resounding number of the votes. Over the last year and a half, the Spirit Walker has been in the works at Riot. 

Image via Riot Games

Udyr players will first notice that each of the champion’s abilities has been overhauled to fit his new theme. All five abilities in Udyr’s kit embody the spirit gods of the Freljord, with his ultimate, Wingborne Storm, representing Anivia’s Glacial Storm (R), and his Blazing Stampede (E) serving as a call-back to Ornn’s Call of the Forge God (R), for example. 

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Udyr’s four primal spirits from his original skin—Tiger, Turtle, Bear, and Phoenix—are no longer a part of his official kit but are still present in his Spirit Guard skin. In addition to Spirit Guard Udyr receiving a heavy update, all of Udyr’s skins have been given a total makeover. 

Image via Riot Games

Udyr had been a power pick in both League solo queue and professional play during the 2021 season thanks to the addition of Turbo Chemtank as a Mythic item. Udyr had been present in over 40 percent of all drafts last season in major region games, according to League stats site Games of Legends. This season, he’s been far less prevalent, although he could see a resurgence in pro play as a result of his extensive rework. 

With Udyr’s rework only going live today, many of the champion’s builds are still in the experimental phase. The Spirit Walker should find a more solidified playstyle and place in the meta in the coming months. 

Reworked Udyr is now available to play on all League servers.