Tyler1 begins mid lane challenge, ends up Silver I after going 10-6 on first day

The streamer has already completed the jungle and top lane challenge recently.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/loltyler1

After conquering the top and jungle roles and reaching Challenger after hundreds of games, Tyler1 is ready to embark on his next journey in League of Legends.

Tyler1 began his mid lane only to Challenger quest today, playing 16 games and ending at Silver I after going 10-6. He played 12 champions, including two games on Fizz, Lissandra, Ekko, and Kassadin. With most champions, he has an impressive KDA so far since his opponents seem unable to match the seasoned multi-Challenger player. He did encounter some hurdles while experimenting with some champions, however, losing the game when he wasn’t able to win his lane.

His first challenge as a jungler took him over 2,000 games to reach Challenger. While he faced a lot of hurdles and countless promo games to advance to Masters, he was able to overcome that and play Ivern, Lee Sin, and Olaf mostly to reach the much-desired rank.

His second challenge was reaching Challenger as a top laner. And after more than 1,700 games, he was able to do so after struggling to reach the Master tier for a long time. He advanced to Masters after failing around 30 promo series. But once he reached it, he started climbing easily toward Challenger, giving priority to champions such as Cho’Gath, Urgot, and Irelia.

Compared to the top lane and jungle roles, the mid lane is a bit more complicated since it requires a good balance of wave management to be able to roam to side lanes. The best performing champions in the mid lane right now are those that can roam and impact the map as much as possible. Champions that farm and scale for the later stages of the game are no longer as good as before, with most of them transitioning to early to mid-game item builds to snowball the match.

If Tyler1 wants to complete this challenge quickly, he’ll need to adapt his champion pool and playstyle. He should consider picking a roaming AD or AP mid laner, look to push, and then roam to side lanes on a constant basis. This tactic might not be necessarily required at a lower Elo like Silver, Gold, or even Platinum since he can mostly carry from the mid lane with whatever champ he picks. But he’ll need to adjust once he gets to Diamond since mid laners at that rank look to roam and snowball the match as soon as possible to increase their chances of winning.

You can watch all the exciting action from Tyler1’s mid lane to Challenger journey on his Twitch channel.

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