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League of Legends mid lane tier list

These are the best mid lane champions of Season Seven.
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Some champions in League of Legends are just flat-out stronger than others.

Mid lane is one of the game's easiest roles to carry with, mostly because you have easy access to any other part of the map. Oh, and a lot of damage. Great mid laners are those that can effectively roam to other lanes while keeping good pressure on their own mid lane opponent. Champions that can do that well are indispensable.

This list of top-tier champions can be affected depending on a number of things. Sometimes the meta shifts for no apparent reason other than players’ tastes, but usually there’s some kind of balance change behind the whole thing. It can be difficult to keep up on the flavor-of-the-month champs, so let us do it for you.

Here’s our mid lane tier list for League's Season 7.

Tier One

Champions in this tier are the strongest in the current meta, and it doesn’t take much effort to carry yourself through the ranks of solo queue with them.


This foxy lady is the undisputed queen of the mid lane. She is played in more ranked games than any other mid laner, and her win-rate has been above 53 percent, according to Champion.gg, for the entire season so far. It’s not difficult to see why, though. With her mobile ultimate and long-ranged crowd control, it’s very difficult to gank her effectively. She has the range of a control mage, sitting back and slinging spells from the back line, but she deals damage like an assassin. With one to three button presses, she can instantly annihilate any squishy target. She only needs an item or two to get to that point, too, so she’s more than comfortable just farming it out for the first 10 to 15 minutes of the game to get her power spike without having to risk anything.


The big bird of League in is a great place right now. She hasn’t been buffed recently, but she finds herself at home with her crowd control heavy kit against the current meta of short-ranged mid laners and immobile marksmen. Between her Q, wall, and ultimate, she has plenty of tools for separating those pesky tanks on the front line from their precious carries in the back. Oh, and she deals a ton of damage.


Fizz has been through some weird times. For a while last season, and a bit this season, he was played as an AD tank in the top lane. This wouldn’t be so weird if he wasn’t designed to be an AP assassin, which is essentially the opposite of that. All that aside, Fizz seems to have come into his own in the mid lane with items such as the Hextech Protobelt making him even more slippery. With the buff to his ultimate back in the assassin update of last November.


Xerath is among the control mages that may be a little too strong, but one of the few who haven’t been nerfed yet. The reason may be that he’s particularly susceptible to ganking and divers, whereas champions like Syndra have much easy methods of pushing enemies away. What Xerath has on all other control mages, however, is range. Lots and lots of range. With the right team comp full of protection and peel, which often happens in the current tank and shields meta, Xerath has tons of time to set up and launch artillery from a safe distance.

Tier Two

The second most powerful mid laners take a little bit more effort to play well, but when executed properly they can carry a game just as hard as the best.


LeBlanc is pretty hard to play, but she made it into the tier for one reason and one reason alone—damage, damage, and more mind-numbing damage. Once you’ve properly mastered her clone mechanic, which takes a bit of practice, she’s hard to kill and deals damage more quickly than most other mages in the game. She’s a little less versatile than the likes of Ahri, but her raw power almost makes up for it. Almost.


Syndra deals a lot of damage as well, just not as much as LeBlanc. What she lacks in that department, though, she makes up for in two different areas. Firstly and unlike LeBlanc, Syndra has a lot of long-range and extremely easy-to-land stun. At max range, it is the longest-ranged stun in the entire game, and it can hit more than one champion at a time. Combine that with how easy it is to kill enemies once her ult is up (Press R = GG), and Syndra is a very solid pick.


The psychopathic mechanical ballerina would be higher up on this list due to her ability to win entire teamfights with one ultimate ability, but her reliance on snowballing makes her not dependable enough to be in the first tier. Without some kills and items, Ori’s damage is laughable, but with a little bit of a boost, she’s quite the terror.

Twisted Fate

TF has always been a decent mid laner. He’s never really had a bad meta, but it just so happens that he’s particularly good in this meta. Right now, the name of the game is roaming for mid laners, and none do it better than the card thrower himself. With his ultimate and insanely easy-to-land spells, Twisted Fate is a safe, reliable pick for those that don’t have much time to learn an effective champ.


Katarina suffers from the same fate as LeBlanc. She’s hard to learn, but deals so much damage if executed properly. The only problem is that she’s less versatile than LeBlanc with no crowd control at all. She also relies too heavily on snowballing, much like Orianna. Once she gets a couple of kills though, it’s very difficult to stop her.

Tier Three

This is an interesting tier because champions at this level aren’t exactly strong in the meta, but if you can learn how to play them well, you can still make them work to carry games. It might require a bit of extra effort to get there though.


Taliyah plays the late-game extremely well, but her early game is very sub-par. She needs time and items to start deleting people, and up until that point, she’s only really useful for her crowd-control. When she does get rolling, she carries very, very hard. Also, there’s only a couple champions in the game that can roam and gank from mid as well as she can, but make sure you don’t wall off your own team from escaping in the process.


With the addition of the Hextech Protobelt, this insane toddler found herself in a much better state. With a mini-flash and Tibbers every minute, she excels at catching the enemy team unaware and blowing them up with a couple of spells. The only issue with Annie, however, is that she only has three damaging spells with semi-high cooldowns. That means if she can’t get the kill, she’s a sitting duck.


This Assassin’s Creed rip-off was reworked back in November as part of the big assassin class update. Since then, he’s been in a very nice state. He used to dominate the meta when lethality items were built on everyone, but as those items died out, he lost a bit of his effectiveness. He still deals a lot of damage, and he roams from mid very well with his parkour, so he can help snowball other lanes if his is going poorly.


The flying spaghetti monster has a thirst for knowledge, and he gains that knowledge by disintegrating anything that walks in front of him. Don’t argue with it. It’s science. Vel’Koz deals a ton of damage, and aside from the fact that his skills are sort of hard to land, he’s a pretty strong pick right now. Be wary of his downfall, though—anyone that walks close to you. He has a very hard time fending off foes that get in his face quickly.

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