Twisted Fate will be the first new champion added to Teamfight Tactics

The Card Master is hitting TFT boards in the next patch.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has confirmed that Twisted Fate will be the next champion to join the roster for its popular new autobattler game mode, Teamfight Tactics.

The champion was teased by TFT set designer Riot Wittrock, who posted an interesting image alongside a caption that read, “Champion #51 is coming to TFT…” The image is a close-up of a certain champion’s splash art, but many League of Legends fans were quick to point out that the picture was from the Cutpurse Twisted Fate splash, on his left sleeve.

Afterward, Riot’s Teamfight Tactics product lead Richard “MapleNectar” Henkel confirmed the news by saying that Twisted Fate will be the first champion released as “drip content” with Patch 9.14.

Riot explained in an early developer’s post how it was going to release new champions to TFT—one method was to drip content into the game slowly during every patch and the other was to drop big champion sets into the game.

Now, many fans are speculating what origin and class Twisted Fate will be a part of. Many think that, because his Cutpurse skin was featured, he might be of Pirate origin, like Graves. Fans are also thinking that he’ll be a sorcerer, which makes sense because of his abilities in League. There has been no confirmation on what abilities Twisted Fate will be bringing to TFT, however, so all we can do is wait on his release when Patch 9.14 drops.