Top 3 League of Legends team compositions to stomp this weekend’s Clash beta

Take these teams onto the Rift and claim your victory.

Image via Riot Games

With the Clash global beta launching this weekend, League of Legends players have been frantically hitting the Rift to polish up their mechanics, iron out rotations, and perfect their team chemistry. But a powerful team comp may be exactly what your squad needs to tip the scales in your favor.

Clash is an opportunity for the average player to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a pro. The tournament format is single elimination, with eight teams competing for a chance at top-tier rewards. Players looking to crush their opponents with synergy and grace need to strategically win in Champion Select first.

Here are three heavy-hitting team comps you can run to dominate the Clash competition.

Protect the carry

Image via Riot Games

This tried-and-true team composition focuses on making a hyper carry into an uber carry. Essentially, players want to choose champions that can provide shields and protection for an ADC that has a great late game but may suffer from poor mobility or no escape route. To compensate for a scaling bot lane, the rest of the team should have good early or mid-game power spikes.

For an ADC, teams want to opt for a late-game marksman that can shred through enemy defenses. Using Kog’Maw, Twitch, or Vayne would ensure that even the beefiest tanks are no match for a hyper carry.

Mid and support players should opt for legends that provide protection with shields, resurrections, or invulnerability. A Karma mid or Lulu support would give tons of shield, health, and speed to a vulnerable marksman. Players can swap Lulu for Janna or Karma for Zilean as alternatives.

Top laners can pick up Tahm Kench and Devour the ADC whenever they’re in a precarious position. Using an engage tank with AoE crowd control (CC), like Gnar or Malphite, is also a great way to peel or stall for your marksman.

To round out the comp, an Olaf jungle provides an excellent early and mid game. And players can make a bee-line for the enemy ADC if they’re shielded and sped up, using the Berserker’s Ragnarok (R) to avoid all CC.

Unlimited crowd control

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There’s nothing more frustrating than being stun-locked for four seconds while you’re barraged by enemy attacks. Running a CC comp is great for catching out poorly-positioned enemies. That pick can also give your team an objective advantage, especially with such a heavy focus on dragons after Patch 9.23.

Elise is a great jungle choice due to her heavy burst and two-second stun from a max-level Cocoon. This is great for ganks, but it can also peel your ADC and help the Spider Queen claim an unsuspecting victim.

To synergize with Elise ganks, choosing a mid laner like Twisted Fate or Malzahar can help chain the stuns together. A top laner with great AoE CC, like Gnar or Ornn, is also a way to bring some teamfight ability to your pick comp.

Continuing the CC train in the bot lane is preferred with ADCs like Ashe or Caitlyn to combo with Leona, Thresh, or Morgana. A Blitzcrank can also work, assuming your team can coordinate well.

Squads may want to prioritize banning Morgana, Sivir, and Olaf, since they’re excellent counter picks to CC compositions.

The Wombo Combo

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The Wombo Combo is a team comp veteran, chaining devastating ultimates that simultaneously CC and damage the entire enemy squad. Champions that excel in teamfights are necessary to make this work, even if they aren’t necessarily the strongest laners.

One of the most common Wombo Combos in League is combining Malphite and Yasuo. But since Yasuo yields a fairly high ban rate, players may want to switch him out for Orianna mid. The Lady of Clockwork can place her ball on engage champions, like Malphite, Gnar, or Jarvan IV, and Shockwave the entire team before they know what hit them.

Ezreal is viable in a Wombo due to his ultimate, but players can also use Caitlyn to sit back and fire. And supports like Braum, Morgana, or Brand can add to the teamfight with more CC or AoE damage.

Clash begins this Saturday, Dec. 7, at 7:30pm CT and continues on Sunday, Dec. 8. The tournament mode will also take place the following weekend.