What time does League of Legends’ Clash beta start this weekend?

League squads, assemble.

Image via Riot Games

Gather your squad, brainstorm a punny name, and lock in your roles—League of Legends’ Clash beta arrives this weekend.

After months of global testing to catch potential bugs or gameplay issues, Clash’s beta is finally ready for a worldwide launch. The tournament kicks off across all regions this Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 7 and 8, and will continue the following weekend, Dec. 14 and 15.

Each day is a separate tournament, giving you the opportunity to participate in one or both brackets. There are eight teams per bracket and the tournament is single elimination. But teams that are taken out in their first game will be able to redeem themselves for exclusive Clash rewards by competing in a consolation bracket.

What time does the Clash beta start?

Screengrab via Riot Games

The League client was updated today to reveal a 7:30pm CT start time on Saturday, Dec. 7. Players will enter the “Lock In Phase” at that time before entering a six-minute Bracket Formation Phase and then a five to 10-minute Scouting Period. This will give teams the opportunity to scope out the competition and decide on bans—so one-tricks, beware.

Sunday will mark the second day of the competition, where the lock-in time seems to depend on which tier you place in. The start time can range anywhere from 7pm CT to 9pm CT, with higher tiers starting later.

When will Clash officially launch?

This round of the Clash beta will be the last testing period before the game mode’s official launch in early 2020. Although Riot has only offered a time period of a “few months” into next year, according to a Dev Corner post, the beta will give clear indications of what needs to be changed before it becomes a staple in the client.