This week’s Nexus Blitz changes add 2 new events and alter the map even more

Paranoia Royale sounds pretty awesome.

Image via Riot Games

Nexus Blitz, League of Legends’ experimental game mode that may or may not end up as a permanent addition to the game, continues its player testing with this week’s Patch 8.17.

Alongside the normal Patch 8.17, which is packed full of new skins, balance changes, and NewNu (get it?), Riot is pushing a patch specifically for Nexus Blitz, too. There’s a healthy helping of features being introduced, including two new events and a new reward, as well as a plethora of map and event changes.

Here’s the full list of Nexus Blitz changes this week, pulled straight from the patch notes.

Event changes

New events

Paranoia Royale and Loot Veigar have been added as possible in-game events.

New reward

Blessing of Caitlyn has been added as an event reward.

Snowball Fight

“When the Snowball Fight event begins, a penguin buddy will appear next to you. Landing a snowball now grants two percent movement speed and five percent penguin size and sparkliness. Penguins and the movement speed boost stick around until you lose the event or die after the event ends.”

Snowball cooldown raised by five seconds.

Snowball speed and range increased by 500 units.

Snowball slow increased by 30 percent.

Snowballs now have a 0.25 second cast time and animation.

Enemies hit by snowballs are now revealed for three seconds.

Long-range snowballs feels a bit weightier.

Push the Cart

If a cart spawns after the second event, it will move faster.

Pushing the cart now grants gold.

King of the Hill, Bardle Royale, and Juggernaut

Circle spawn positions tuned less to favor the losing team.

Sudden Death

Nexus minion attack damage raised by 120 (holy moly).

Nexus minions can no longer be displaced by most spells.

Nexus minions now ignore unit collision.


The On-Fire buff now increases damage taken by turrets.

On-Fire now persists through Guardian Angel effects.

Map changes

There’s now a scuttle crab nest in the bottom lane.

The lane around inhibitor towers has been narrowed.

Areas between raptors and blue buff have been “opened up.”

Red buff now has environmental effects around its pit.

Jungle turrets now have increased clarity.

Fountain turrets have new lasers to provide clarity to the death laser.

Champion changes


Per-terrain cooldown on E reduced from 160 to 60 seconds depending on rank down to 80 to 30 seconds.


Sword of the Divine

Added to the game (last seen in Patch 4.19).

Force of Nature

Base health passive now Unique.

Jungle items

Now give mana regeneration while in the river.

Rune changes

Grasp of the Undying

Health per trigger increased by five (and three for ranged).


Cooldown lowered by 15 seconds.


Late game drop activation lowered by two minutes.

Gold on failed loot increased by five.

Presence of Mind

Ultimate cooldown refund decreased by four percent.


Armor and MR raised by 10.

Outer turret health raised by 260. 

Inhib turret health raised by 60.

Nexus turret lowered by 40.

Death timer

Maximum timers are reached two minutes earlier.