League of Legends Patch 8.17 features the new Nunu and tons of big jungle buffs

The patch notes are here!

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It’s that time again, the next League of Legends patch. Similar to the last couple of patches, this week’s Patch 8.17 focuses more on smoothing out the meta than any monstrous bot-lane-murdering changes.

Well, there’s one monster, but he’s a lot cuter than a reworked Infinity Edge. That’s right, Nunu and his yeti Willump are finally getting their large-scale redesign with this update, which includes a total makeover from the ground up, including all skins and abilities. On top of that, a good portion of the balance changes in 8.17 focus on bringing power to weak junglers in a very big way, so expect some meta shifting after tomorrow.

Here’s the full list of all nerfs, buffs, and new stuff in 8.17, pulled straight from the patch notes.

Nunu and Willump

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Call of the Freljord (P):


Consume (Q):


Biggest Snowball Ever! (W):


Snowball Barrage (E):


Absolute Zero (R):



Sasquatch Nunu

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Nunu Bot

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Zombie Nunu

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Grungy Nunu

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TPA Nunu

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Workshop Nunu

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Demolisher Nunu

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Garen – Nerf:

Decisive Strike (Q) now deals less base damage at max rank, from 30-170 depending on rank down to 30-150.

Varus – Tweak:

Varus now has 50 less base health, making him significantly squishier, but his health growth is going up by three.

Yorick – Nerf:

Mist Walker damage is now lower at all levels.

Annie – Buff:

Attack range now 50 unites longer.

Bard – Buff:

Tempered Fate (R) will now have a lower cooldown at all ranks, from 130-90 seconds depending on rank down to 110-80.

Fiora – Buff:

Bladework (E) now crits harder at early ranks, up from 140-200 percent depending on rank to 160-200 percent.

Irelia – Buff:

Bladesurge (Q) now deals 100 percent increased damage to minions, up from 70 percent.

Kassadin – Buff:

Riftwalk (R) cooldown dropped at early ranks, from 6-2 seconds depending on rank down to 5-2.

Taric – Buff:

Taric’s adaptive damage will now default to physical in order to synergize better with his passive.

Kayn – Buff:

Shadow Step (E) lasts longer at early ranks, from 5-9 seconds depending on rank up to 7-9 seconds. This ability also receives a 10 percent larger movement speed boost when in Shadow Assassin form.

Master Yi – Buff:

Meditate (W)’s cooldown is now significantly lower, from 35 seconds to 28 seconds, and its damage reduction will now be more effective at early levels.

Rengar – Buff:

Thrill of the Hunt (R) will be useable more often early in the game, dropping in cooldown from 130-70 seconds depending on rank to 110-70 seconds.

Wukong – Buff:

Wukong now has level one bonus attack speed, up from zero to eight percent. This will help him clear jungle camps faster, and not much else.


Stormrazor – Tweak:

Now deals less base crit damage with first basic attack, but crit damage scales faster with crit chance, still capping at 200 percent.

Attack damage lowered by five, but attack speed raised by 10 percent.

Duskblade of Draktharr – Tweak:

Passive’s trigger damage lowered significantly at max level, but remains the same at level one.

Lethality increased by three.


High Noon


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Immortal Journey

Divine Sword Irelia

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Enduring Sword Talon

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