Here are some Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.19 cheat sheets for items, team comps, and unit drop rates

Get a head start on understanding the new meta.

Image via Riot Games

Any Teamfight Tactics players who are having trouble jumping into Patch 9.19 with the meta shifting drastically from buffs, nerfs, new items, and the debut of Kai’Sa might be in luck.

One savvy TFT fan put together a cheat sheet today and shared it on Reddit, detailing everything you need to know about Patch 9.19’s items, units, compositions, and drop rates.

The top of the cheat sheet shows every item in the game with a description of what each weapon does. The fan even included the components needed to create each item.

Every class and origin is also included, so players can check out which units belong to what category. But remember that three Yordles only give 30 percent dodge rate in 9.19 and Guardians only give 35 armor per stack.

And for players wondering why that Gnar won’t drop when you’re level four, check out the “champion drop rates by level” section. It details the chance of getting each unit at every level, as well as the number of champions there are per tier. Since Gnar is a tier-four unit, for example, there are only 13 of him in the game. So if you see three of your opponents also shooting for the adorable Yordle, you may want to reconsider your comp.

Another fan compiled a list of 9.19 meta team compositions based on Challenger tier lists. The spreadsheet details how many of each class or origin the team comp needs to be viable, as well as who the carries are going to be and how to itemize them.

Even though this may be helpful now, the meta will likely further shift as players discover new builds and optimal team comps throughout Patch 9.19.

TFT players can also download TFTactics on Overwolf for free, which is a third-party application that’s approved by Riot Games. The app automatically launches when you start a TFT match and provides an in-depth item guide, class synergy tips, and tells you all the champions’ damage, armor, health, and magic resist.

With all of these tools at hand, fans should have no problem adapting to the new TFT meta.