Teleport, Smite, and Gromp XP to be buffed in League Patch 11.6 preview

The changes are tentative but should go live next week.

Image via Riot Games

The upcoming League of Legends patch is going to be friendly to summoner spells.

Gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter detailed the tentative Patch 11.6 changes today, which should go live next week. And while fans can expect balance changes, systemic healing tweaks, and a Xin Zhao mini-update, the Teleport and Smite spells are on the receiving end of some buffs. Riot appears to also be reverting some of the Gromp XP nerfs made in Patch 11.4.

Teleport is undergoing a few adjustments so that it performs better in the later stages of a match. While the Homeguard speed buff will be removed from the summoner spell entirely, the bonus movement speed will now be 50 percent at all levels instead of 30/40/50 percent. And its cooldown at max level will go from 240 to 210 seconds, shaving off half a minute.

Smite will also get a slight buff that should help with early clears and dire situations. When used on a large monster, the summoner typically heals you for 70 base HP plus 10 percent of your maximum health. It’ll now be bumped up from 70 to 90 base healing.

Junglers are getting another mini-buff in the shape of camp XP, too. The experience Gromp offers will be reverted back to 135 to 182.25, up from 125 to 168.75. It appears the decreased gold granted and increased health will remain, however.

League Patch 11.6 will go live Wednesday, March 17, according to the official 2021 patch schedule.

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