Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.20 aims to put an end to the Wild Assassin meta

Say "bye-bye" to Akali.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.20 doesn’t plan to rock the boat like 9.19 did. It does seek to balance out the meta, however, by toning down this week’s overpowered team comp⁠—Wild Assassins.

TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer tweeted out a Patch 9.20 preview today that specifically targets everything that makes the Wild Assassin combo so overpowered. While a few aspects of the game are getting some love, like Gunslingers and Guardians, others will be taking a hit.

Taming Wild Assassins

TFT’s most foolproof comp won’t be around much longer. To make these classes synergize, players would stock up on Wild champions, like Warwick and Rengar, to get the four-unit bonus that gives the entire team increased attack speed and their basic attacks can’t miss. Players then gather enough Assassins for the three-unit bonus that increases crit chance.

That’s where Akali enters. 

By giving the Ninja an Infinity Edge, which is also getting nerfed, Akali can one-shot almost every unit with critical strike after critical strike. Players would also equip their Pyke with a Frozen Heart, which lowers adjacent enemies’ attack speed. That item is also get tuned down in 9.20.

Fans of Wild Assassins only have a couple more days to climb the ladder before the team comp keeps Shapeshifter Shyvana company six-feet under.

Slingers get some bigger guns

An Oct. 1 Public Beta Environment (PBE) update previewed a change that would bring Gunslingers back into the spotlight. The buff increases random attacks from two extra units to three at the four-unit mark, and from three extra units to five at six-units.

To accompany that change, Lucian’s second auto attack on his ability is being increased by 25 at levels one, two, and three. With Gangplank also falling into Riot’s favor, Patch 9.20 seems to be friendly to gun-wielding champs.

More changes

Knights, along with Poppy, have seen a great increase in popularity and win rate. The team comp is virtually unkillable with their damage blocked bonus. The shine is being taken off their armor, however, with a nerf that brings the six Knight bonus from 65 damage block to 60.

Fiora and Aatrox will be getting buffed, which could give way to a successful Blademaster Gunslinger comp, using Gangplank as the catalyst. And two of TFT’s newest items, Deathblade and Quicksilver, will be getting reworked because they aren’t performing as well as the devs hoped. 

Patch 9.20 may be the last update in TFT set one, with set two kicking off later this month.