Latest 9.20 PBE changes target Origins and Classes in Teamfight Tactics

Buffs and nerfs galore.

Image via Riot Games

The latest Teamfight Tactics Public Beta Environment (PBE) changes may shift the meta if they go live.

Yesterday’s PBE changes seek to balance out Origins and Classes with much-needed buffs and nerfs, according to Surrenderat20. TFT’s newest unit Kai’Sa will also get some love from Riot along with Lucian, who falls off in the later stages of a match.


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Image via Riot Games

After Knights took off in Patch 9.19, it seems like the TFT developers are looking to take some shine off their armor. The six Knight bonus allows allies to block 65 damage, but it’s being tuned down a bit to 60 damage. The Guardian bonus, on the other hand, is being buffed, increasing the armor bonus from 35 to 45.

Gunslingers have been a weak class for a while now and Riot is trying to change that. The latest adjustments increase the bonus ‘slingers get at the four and six unit marks. Four Gunslingers now have a 50-percent chance to fire additional attacks to three extra units, up from two. Six Gunslingers now have a chance to fire an extra attack to a whopping five additional units, up from three. 

After Assassins critical strike chance was buffed to give the class a chance in the tanky Shapeshifter meta, it seems they took off a little too quickly. Their crit chance at three units will be lowered from 10 percent to five, and from 20 percent to 15 at the six unit mark.


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Image via Riot Games

The Wild bonus, which gives units like Warwick and Gnar attack speed that stacks per auto attack, is being reverted to 10 percent from 12. This becomes especially overpowered when players have four Wild units on the board, giving all of their allies the attack speed bonus and basic attacks don’t miss.


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Image via Riot Games

TFT’s newest Void Assassin Ranger wasn’t altering matches the way a legendary unit should. Kai’Sa’s bonus attack speed after using her ultimate is increased from 30/60/90 percent to 50/75/100 percent at levels one, two, and three. The shield Kai’Sa gets after ulting also received a major buff, going from 300/600/900 to 400/700/1,000. Kai’Sa needed the help, but these changes may tip the scales a bit too much in her favor.

Lucian is getting a buff along with the Gunslinger change, which should make him increasingly viable during all stages of the game. The Gunslinger’s second attack on his ability will increase in damage from 100/225/350 to 125/250/375 at levels one, two, and three.

These changes may dramatically shift the meta, but they’re tentative and are liable to not hit the live servers.