Teamfight Tactics is now live on North American servers⁠

The long-awaited game mode is finally out for NA.

Image via Riot Games

It’s time to get tactical League of Legends fans because Riot Games’ new autobattler, Teamfight Tactics, has finally released on North American servers. The entire NA player base will now be able to enjoy the new game mode, as it went live this afternoon.

Players have been waiting for the official release of Teamfight Tactics ever since the game hit the League PBE this past month. Due to the influx of players who tried to log in, however, not many people were able to test out the game—the queue times had skyrocketed to almost 28 hours for some people.

As a result, some people were forced to watch from the sidelines as streamers were able to play through a priority queue. Fortunately this week, Teamfight Tactics will be dropping to live servers across the world.

Teamfight Tactics is Riot Games’ version of the popular Dota 2 game mode Autochess, but with elements from the League of Legends universe. In this mode, you must use different strategies, compositions, and item combinations in order to win. League veterans will be familiar with the multiple champions and items Riot has thrown into the beta version of the game, which should help players learn as they play.

Meanwhile, Teamfight Tactics will be dropping for Europe, Turkey, and Russia later today, while all of the other regions will need to wait their turn during the rest of this week.