Riot reveals global release schedule for Teamfight Tactics

The popular autobattler game mode will make its live debut this week.

Image via Riot Games

The global release schedule for Riot Games’ new League of Legends game mode Teamfight Tactics has been revealed. This week, the popular autobattler will make its live debut around the world, but Riot also said that it will be applying temporary restrictions to some servers.

“We’re releasing TFT on a deliberate timeline and with temporary restrictions to keep the servers stable as y’all show them your love in the early hours of TFT’s release,” Riot Beernana said. “Keep in mind that TFT is still in a Beta period. We’ll be looking to ship bug fixes and balance changes daily if need be.”

Today is the official release date for TFT for the Japanese and Oceania servers, while North America will get access to the game mode the following morning on Wednesday, June 26. That same evening, Turkey, Russia, and Europe will have TFT available for play.

On Thursday, June 27, the South East Asian and Korean servers will get to play TFT. Lastly, on Friday, June 28, the Brazilian and Latin America servers will get to try out the new game mode.

Some temporary restrictions on TFT on release will be that only level 10+ accounts will be able to play on the OCE and JP servers. Transfers are disabled until Monday, July 1, the Practice Tool will be disabled and custom modes will be limited to 10 players minimum. Also, Riot says that you will not earn progress towards the free “Beta Pass” until this system is fully functional, which means that your free Little Legend, emotes, icon, and board skin will, unfortunately, be delayed.