Team WE stomp EDG in Clearlove’s return to starting roster

The jungle experiment didn't work out for EDG today.

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Team WE took down EDward Gaming in a quick 2-0 series today in Clearlove’s return to EDG’s starting roster after being absent from professional play for over two years.

EDG were the favorites going into this series until the team benched its jungler, Jiejie, who is leading across most stats compared to other LPL players in the position. Team WE had a fairly dominant split and looked coordinated today, taking down the experimenting EDG with ease.

Even though EDG had the chance to bring back Jiejie for the second match, they opted to play their other substitute Yu “JunJia” Chun-Chia in hopes of turning the series around. However, Team WE’s beishang, who is considered to be a top-three LPL jungler after his performance during this split, outmatched both junglers.

Mid laner Shanks and bottom laner Elk, the carries of Team WE, picked up the MVP votes in today’s League of Legends series. Shanks had a stellar performance on Sylas, using his opponent’s ultimates against them in a much more coordinated manner while also doing a lot of damage in teamfights. Elk had a great game on Ashe, landing critical ultimates to get easy picks on his opponents while also providing a good amount of damage during teamfights.

In both matches of today’s showdown, Team WE had the upper hand due to their jungler’s superior performance compared to his counterparts. Beishang picked up huge leads for his team in both matches before focusing on picking up the dragons for an early Dragon Soul. In both matchups, they were favored and the Infernal Dragon Soul spawned, giving Team WE a huge damaging buff once they picked it up to finish the series quickly.

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EDG (10-3) remained in first place in the standings following this defeat. If they keep experimenting, however, FunPlus Phoenix (10-3), who looked much more dominant in their recent series, can overtake them. Team WE (8-4), on the other hand, are sitting comfortably in fifth place and look like good contenders for this split’s LPL champion title. Their next matchups are Rogue Warriors, Invictus Gaming, and Royal Never Give Up. The first two should be easy wins while RNG will be a hard matchup, considering their recent win streak in the 2021 LPL Summer Split.

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