RNG beat JD Gaming, extend win streak to 6 series in 2021 LPL Summer Split

The MSI champions are hungry for another LPL title.

Photo via Riot Games

Royal Never Give Up picked up a 2-1 win over JD Gaming in an intensive series in the seventh week of the 2021 LPL Summer Split today, extending their win streak to 6 series after a weak start of the split.

The MVP votes for today’s series went to mid laner Cryin and support Ming. Cryin picked up his MVP vote after a strong performance on Galio, assisting his allies whenever his ultimate was up and providing a good amount of damage in teamfights. He fit really well into RNG’s offensive composition with carries in other roles. The support player picked up his MVP vote after an outstanding performance on Sett, a long-forgotten pick after multiple nerfs. He used the champion to deny crucial engages from his opponents while also using his ultimate to throw back the opposing Ornn into his team for significant damage.

The first match of the series opened up with numerous skirmishes across the entire map from both teams. While JDG was trading blows evenly with RNG at the start, they quickly fell behind once their opponents’ carries started getting fed. JDG attempted to slow down the pace of the match, but with RNG’s huge gold lead, they couldn’t do it since they kept getting pressured throughout the map before losing the match.

Going into the second game, JDG adjusted their draft to either ban or pick priority picks from RNG and played safer early on, focusing on getting their core items before forcing fights. Though RNG had the upper edge early on, they quickly got outscaled by their opponents, who equalized the series. In the last match, RNG forced early skirmishes once again and built a decent gold lead over their opponents. With an item advantage, they kept the pressure against their opponents before finishing the match and series after an explosive teamfight.

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RNG (7-5) climbed to seventh place with this victory, increasing their chances of making the playoffs. With weaker opponents during their next matches, they should easily be able to improve their standings and go into playoffs with their heads high. Their next matchup is Rare Atom next week, a team that has consistently climbed to the top throughout the split but showed a lot of weaknesses in their recent series. RNG should be able to take them down easily.

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