Talon is still dominating League’s solo queue, despite recent nerfs

Even more nerfs could be coming soon.

Image via Riot Games

In the last month, Talon has made a resurgence in League of Legends solo queue and climbed to the top of the standings. 

Riot reduced his damage output on Rake (W) in the previous patch, in an attempt to lower his push potential and prevent him from roaming in the early game. But despite the nerf, Talon still remains one of the most powerful champions in the game.

In platinum and above, Talon has a 55 percent win rate with the Conqueror rune and a 52 percent win rate with Electrocute—making him the highest performing champion in League

Talon’s win rate in pro play, though, doesn’t reflect this. In North America’s LCS, Europe’s LEC, Korea’s LCK, and China’s LPL, he’s only been picked once this season (and he lost).  

In Patch 9.6, Talon’s high win rate was reserved for players in the upper echelons of the ladder. The majority of the game’s playerbase were using insufficient runes and, as a result, he averaged much lower win rates. 

Since Talon’s nerf, he’s ironically become more of a popular champion pick in solo queue, leading to his increased win rate. 

Talon players use a combination of Tiamet and Conqueror as a means to survive in the laning phase while still dealing an absurd amount of single target damage. The nerf to Rake hardly affects his presence in the early game, and with his knack of scaling, he tends to dominate

If Riot wants to stop Talon from getting out control, the devs might have to rethink the champion in the next patch.

More nerfs could be coming soon.