Riot is nerfing Talon in League Patch 10.7 due to his resurgence in solo queue

Talon has been secretly causing havoc in Diamond and above.

Image via Riot Games

Talon has made a resurgence in League of Legends solo queue, slowly but surely making his way to the top of the rankings. To prevent him from getting out of hand, Riot plans to nerf him in Patch 10.7.

In the Diamond division and above, Talon has a 53.91 percent win rate, one of the highest in the game. He’s the strongest attack damage mid laner in the meta and his early skirmish and roam potential make him the perfect champion for snowballing. Once he has a few kills under his belt, he’s an unstoppable menace. His map mobility and assassin capabilities are unparalleled. 

In Patch 10.7, Riot is targeting Talon’s Rake (W) ability, reducing its damage output in the early stages of the game. 

W – Rake

  • Initial damage: from 50 to 110 (+40 percent bAD) > 45 to 105 (+45 percent bAD)
  • Return damage: from 70 to 130 (+60 percent  bAD) > 45 to 125 (+65 percent bAD)

Although Talon isn’t much of a laner and most of his damage comes from his Noxian Diplomacy ability (Q), the changes to his W should put him in a better spot in the meta. His early-game roaming will ultimately lead to fewer kills, but he should still be more than capable in the late game. 

Talon players originally maxed W for pushing power, but the combination of Tiamet and Conqueror has given him the means to survive in the laning phase while still dealing an absurd amount of single target damage. 

Talon’s passive has a 200 percent bAD ratio, while his Q (in melee) has a 165 percent bAD ratio. Stacking Conqueror with W, Tiamat, and auto attacks before using Q gives Talon a deadly burst of damage. 

League’s Patch 10.7 will hit the live servers on April 1. In addition to Talon, Wukong, Nocturne mid, and Garen are each set to receive nerfs. Nasus, Galio, Riven, Ivern, Akali, Kai’Sa, Corki, and Xin Zhao, on the other hand, are in line for buffs.