Taliyah is becoming a popular jungler in the post Patch 8.11 meta

The whole community is talking about the Stoneweaver.

Image via Riot Games

Taliyah saw some significant changes in League of Legends Patch 8.11 that gave her increased movement speed, impacted her Threaded Volley, and included minor updates to her other abilities. These changes hurt her strength in the mid lane, but they opened up a new role for her in the jungle.

Taliyah mains thought she was going to be useless once the changes hit, but what is dead may never die, but rise again stronger. Though the champion is not as effective in the mid lane, she has become a new powerhouse in the jungle. Since her Threaded Volley does full damage to monsters she is able to take down single-monster camps quickly.

Once she gets her other abilities her jungle clear becomes much stronger due to the AoE on both Seismic Shove and Unraveled Earth. Her passive allows her to move quickly in the jungle and get to lanes fast. The main reason she is thriving in the jungle is the Scuttle Crab change.

The jungle has been an interesting place on Summoner’s Rift ever since a change in Patch 8.10 that completely reworked the Scuttle Crab. Since then, it’s become one of the most important jungle camps early on in the game. Junglers are fighting for control of the crab and are even enlisting their laners to help them to take the objective.

The Scuttle Crab meta is all about securing early crabs and denying them from your opponent. Taliyah succeeds at this because of her movement speed and the combination of her Seismic Shove and Threaded Volley. Seismic Shove makes the crab more vulnerable and Threaded Volley quickly takes down its health bar.

Members of the professional community are talking about Taliyah and why she is so succesful in the jungle. League Championship Series jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett has been especially vocal and claims that the only reason Taliyah is popular is because of the current Scuttle meta.

If you are unfamiliar with Taliyah or haven’t played her much before, it’s a good idea to use practice tool to get a feel for her abilities, sine she has a high learning curve. This will allow you to take full advantage of each of her abilities. Once you have some practice you can go into games and surprise everyone on the Rift with League’s newest powerful jungler.