Syndra hasn’t received a new League skin in 1,000 days

Her last skin was in 2017.

Syndra has now become the latest member of the 1,000-day skinless club.

The Dark Sovereign’s last skin was released with the second wave of Star Guardians in September 2017. Her fellow Star Guardians in the 2017 wave—Ezreal, Soraka, Miss Fortune, and Ahri—have all received at least three sets since the event.

While many of the members of the 1,000-day club are non-humans and dwell in the lower pick rates of League champions, Syndra is a surprising inductee. She’s a rather popular hero among the pro and public scene, currently sporting a 10.8 percent pick rate in public matches, good for 21st out of 148 heroes.

Since her introduction to Summoner’s Rift, Syndra has gone about one and a half years between each skin, making this stretch a particularly long drought.

Syndra still has a long way to go from the reigning king, Skarner. The Crystal Vanguard has gone without a new skin for five years. Unfortunately, the scorpion also sits dead-last in terms of popularity.

Thankfully, Riot developer Jonathan “Bellissimoh” Belliss has recently revealed that over 120 skins will continue to be unveiled over the course of 2020, with some forgotten heroes due to receive new cosmetics.

“One of our hopes is that champion mains can count the time since they last got a skin in months, instead of years,” Bellissimoh said.

Update June 9 12:28pm CT: Syndra is officially getting a new skin soon. She’s joining the Pool Party skin line alongside Jarvan IV, Heimerdinger, Orianna, and Taliyah. A release date hasn’t been revealed yet, however.