Skarner hasn’t received a new League skin in 5 years

Riot plans to give skins to underserved champions in 2020, though.

While new League of Legends skins were revealed for Bard, Pantheon, and Taliyah a few days ago, Skarner passed the five-year mark without receiving a single skin today.

His last skin was Guardian of the Sands, which was released on April 26, 2015. Skarner received only four skins despite belonging to the earliest-released League champions in 2011. He is the champion who didn’t receive a new skin for the longest time in the game.

Other champions will soon join the 1,000-day club without a new skin, including Kayle, Ornn, and Syndra.

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Keeping the balance between champions when releasing skins is a challenge, since the game now boasts 148 of them. But since the game has over 900 skins and aims at releasing around 120 skins this year, the majority of champions could have gotten their time to shine.

Many of the champions in the 1,000-day club are non-human. It could be one of the reasons why they don’t have many skins, since it may be easier for Riot to design cosmetics based on the body type of either humans or yordles.

It’s the case for Bard, Shyvana who can transform into a dragon, and Kindred, as well as Vel’Koz and Skarner. Still, some non-human champions like Malphite or Alistar boast over 10 dedicated skins.

Other criteria impact the choice of champions for new skins though, such as their strength in the current meta and popularity among players. Ezreal, for example, is a popular champion with strong meta presence over the years and boasts 13 skins.

Luckily for fans of champions left without many skins, however, Riot Games recently revealed plans to focus more on those long-neglected champions in 2020, including Skarner, Rek’Sai, and Kindred.

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“We hope this year’s focus on underserved champs feels good for mains who haven’t seen a skin in a while,” said League gameplay producer Jessica “Safelocked” Nam.

For a start, Pantheon will soon receive his first new skin since over 1,300 days with Pulsefire Pantheon, which was revealed a few days ago.