Staff of Flowing Water, Moonstone Renewer set to be buffed in League Patch 11.11

Prepare to see a lot more enchanter supports in the near future.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has extensively previewed some of the changes coming to the game in Patch 11.11.

Most notably, several items are getting some hefty buffs in the patch, including Staff of Flowing Water and Moonstone Renewer, among others. Support players should see their overall throughput increase extensively once the new patch launches since two of the most prolific items for enchanters are set to see buffs across the board. 

Staff of Flowing Water will see its overall ability power granted through the “Rapids” passive buffed from 20 to 40 AP to 25 to 45 AP in the new patch. The item’s movement speed bonus was removed in Patch 11.8, but a buff to its overall power should act as a solid compensation for support players.

Additionally, Moonstone Renewer is slated to receive several buffs in Patch 11.11. Its healing and shielding power per stack is being increased from four to six percent. Beyond that, the item’s max healing and shielding power is being increased from 20 to 30 percent. 

The two buffs that are being applied to these items should greatly increase the power of enchanter supports in Patch 11.11. Champions such as Lulu, Seraphine, and even Soraka will all see benefits to some of their core items receiving extensive buffs in the patch. 

Beyond the support role, though, several attack damage-focused items such as Divine Sunderer, Black Cleaver, and Serpent’s Fang are all receiving buffs in Patch 11.11. Armor-shredding fighters and assassins such as Aatrox, Nasus, and Qiyana will be thankful to receive indirect buffs. Fighters and tanks will also see buffs coming their way through adjustments to items such as Frozen Heart, Warmog’s Armor, and Randuin’s Omen. 

League Patch 11.11 is scheduled to release on the live servers next Wednesday, May 26, according to the official patch schedule.

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