Spin to win with Akshan after this quality-of-life League change


Image via Riot Games

Patch 12.20, although seemingly lengthy, brought few new changes to League of Legends in reality. Still, there are a couple of changes that stand out in the bunch, like the latest Akshan quality-of-life change.

After Patch 12.20, Akshan can now use his Heroic Swing infinitely. Initially, Akshan could only spin around the wall structures for only three seconds. With this latest change, Akshan can effortlessly kite juggernauts, bruisers, and assassins in both the mid and top lanes with little to no effort.

Although Riot fixed Akshan’s dirty-fighting bug that allowed him to frantically fire shots at the nearest enemy if you click on a specific spot around the structure, this spin-to-win mechanic will definitely skyrocket Akshan’s win rate in the Solo queue. 

As you might see in the video above from League content creator Ryscu, Akshan can now spin around any given structure for as much as he likes. This will definitely give him an unfair advantage over champions like Ashe and Senna, that have zero mobility in their kit, except Summoner spells. 

Thanks to this incredible quality-of-life change, we’ll probably see solo queue infested with Akshans kiting their way to victory. On top of that, this change, although irrelevant at first, will surely increase Akshan’s win rate since his biggest weakness in mid and top-lane matchups was the mobility creep that didn’t give him enough room to kite Jaxes, Irelias, and Zeds.