South Korean Esports Fairness Committee reportedly suspends cvMax for 5 months

His quarrel with former Griffin top laner Sword started multiple investigations.

Photo via Riot Games

Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho, the head coach of DRX’s League of Legends team, has been suspended for five months by the South Korean Esports Fairness Committee due to his actions while he was coaching Griffin, according to Korizon’s Ashley Kang.

Riot Korea reportedly asked the committee to review whether there was any assault or violent language directed toward some players during cvMax’s time on Griffin last year. The investigation was finished earlier this month and, as a result, cvMax has been suspended for his actions. This ban will go into effect tomorrow and last until May 2021, a period during which cvMax can’t be registered on a roster for various tournaments and can’t perform any duties of a head coach, according to Inven Global.

This decision made by the committee reportedly has no relation to the trial that started after former Griffin top laner Sword filed a police report against cvMax last year. The trial is still ongoing with evidence being examined by both parties.

The committee said in its decision that “the head coach of a pro esports team has to direct and manage a team. He has the responsibility to lead and respect the players, who are mostly minors, so that they can cultivate their personalities in a positive direction,” according to a translation by Inven Global.

As a result of this decision, cvMax will be unable to fulfill his coaching duties for DRX and the organization will have to look for another head coach for the 2021 season.

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