Soraka player refuses to die, gets multiple kills in quick succession in ranked League game

No one could withstand the power of bananas today.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends player recently used Soraka in the top lane to secure three kills and an assist in a short time frame thanks to their mechanical prowess.

In a highlight reel shared by the player last night, they kept their composure in a couple of fights against the opposing Viego, who was on the hunt for some early kills.

Once Viego reached level two, he began his offensive push, charging through a full wave of minions to try to kill Soraka. The Starchild didn’t lose her composure, however, unleashing Qs and Es on her enemy while also ensuring that her auto attacks landed on him for additional damage. Viego used his Flash to go for the first kill, but a quick Barrier saved Soraka and started her snowball.

She remained in the lane since she lacked Teleport and kept farming up before getting ganked by the opposing Lee Sin. This time, Flash helped Soraka turn the tables on Lee, thus taking her would-be killer’s double buff for herself. Viego, unable to cope with his loss, kept attempting to regain some advantage by going for kills. But the Ruined King failed time and again, resulting in two more deaths to give Soraka a huge gold lead.

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Soraka used to be a menace in solo lanes, but various nerfs have made her only viable in the support position. Following the latest item rework, though, she’s resurging as a solo laner again and players are experimenting with several builds to try to find success with the champ.

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