Sett player distracts enemy with sit-ups before slaying them in League of Legends

Baited by abs.

Image via Riot Games

For League of Legends fans wondering why Sett battles on Summoner’s Rift without a shirt on, one player might have the answer.

A League fan posted their hilarious play on Reddit last night, showcasing Sett’s calisthenic regiment that apparently mesmerized an enemy Qiyana.

After a brief rumble in the jungle, Sett won an exchange with Qiyana and forced her to flash away. But the lack of gap closers in the Boss’ kit meant that the player had to get creative. The savvy player just stopped in the middle of the river and began doing sit-ups using Sett’s taunt, showing off his six-pack.

The feint clearly caught the opponent by surprise, who turned around and watched the juggernaut’s workout. The Sett player took the opportunity when it presented itself, flashing onto the Qiyana and using Facebreaker (E) to slow and damage the opponent. Sett then delivered the final blow with a left hook, refreshing his double buffs and claiming 300 gold.

Though Sett might’ve had a successful showing in this video, the champion doesn’t seem to be performing too well on the Rift after yesterday’s release. The Boss’s win rate hovers around 47.7 percent in the top lane, according to

Sett’s performance may improve as players learn how to play and build him properly. But if he continues to struggle in the meta, Riot will likely tweak him in an upcoming patch.