Sett has a 49.44 percent win rate less than a week after release

The Boss isn't as impressive as he looks.

Image via Riot Games

Sett has been the talking point of the League of Legends community since his release earlier this month.

The punch-first-ask-questions-later brawler has looked like a wrecking ball, beating down his enemies and single-handedly carrying his teammates. But while he may seem a tad overpowered, his stats tell a different story.

In just under a week since his release, Sett has accumulated a 50.89 percent win rate in the jungle position and an underwhelming 49.44 percent win rate in the top lane, according to League stats site He sits at the lower end of the champion spectrum, but there’s still plenty of time for his win ratio to improve.

His mediocre win rate may even be a good sign of things to come. It’s taken several patches and hotfixes to get previously released champions, like Aphelios, Senna, Qiyana, and Yuumi, into a balanced position and there’s still room to grow.

Sett’s win rate could mean Riot has finally done its job and released a champion in a balanced state.

But if Riot wants Sett to be a competitive champion and be featured in the LCS and LEC, he could use some tweaking. A little more damage and a slightly higher stun duration are all he needs to thrive on the big stage.

It’s still early days for Sett, though, and it’s difficult to determine his power level. In a few more weeks, The Boss could be at the top of the standings.