Senna with 5,000 stacks takes down Baron and dragon without leaving base

Start stacking.

A League of Legends player has showcased just how strong Senna’s passive can be by accumulating 5,000 stacks with the champion.

With the game’s custom practice tool, Reddit user lIlIIlIlI gathered this impressive amount of stacks for Senna’s passive ability Absolution and, in doing so, increased her attack range and damage by a significant amount.

In a video posted to Reddit, the player demonstrated what 5,000 stacks can do, taking out Red Buff with a single basic attack from the red base’s walls.

It didn’t stop there, however. The player also took on Baron Nashor, wearing down its health and eliminating it with only a handful of attacks.

Finally, to show the full range of Senna, the player moved slightly closer to the middle lane while remaining against the top-side base walls and proceeded to eliminate the Ocean Drake with a pair of attacks.

Gathering this many stacks is a monster task and not something players can do in a regular game. For this demonstration, lIlIIlIlI repeatedly used the dragon respawn tool in the practice mode, each time killing the previously spawned dragon and rapidly collecting souls.

This isn’t the first of these limit-testing videos lIlIIlIlI has shared. Previously, the Redditor shared clips of other champions with maximum stacks producing similarly impressive results.

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