League player gathers 25,000 stacks on Veigar to one-shot Baron

Truly Phenomenal Evil Power.

If you have ever wondered what Veigar would look like with maximum stacks on his passive, you’re in luck–as that is exactly what one enterprising League of Legends player set out to do.

Using the League practice tool, Reddit user lIlIIlIlI managed to acquire the maximum stacks on Veigar’s passive ability Phenomenal Evil Power.

For each of these stacks, Veigar gets a slight increase on his Ability Power. At the extreme point of 25,000 stacks, the results speak for themselves.

The player used Baron to test the power of the champion’s moves, first taking it out with just four basic attacks before testing out Veigar’s abilities.

Both Baleful Strike and Dark Matter were able to take Baron out in a single shot but the testing didn’t end there. Veigar then took a leisurely stroll down the mid lane eliminating each turret in its way with a single basic attack.

Fortunately, building up this many stacks in a standard game wouldn’t be possible with the looming threat of enemy players among other factors.

This is not the first of these unique max stat videos that lIlIIlIlI has shared. The content creator has previously posted similar tests with both Swain and Cho’Gath.

According to their responses to this most recent post, they plan to continue producing these and releasing them soon.

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