Second wave of Spirit Blossom skins arrives on League’s live servers with Patch 10.16

Get ready for round two.

Image via Riot Games

If you thought the Spirit Blossom event was over, think again. Riot is releasing League of Legends’ second wave of Spirit Blossom skins this week alongside the release of Patch 10.16.

Fans will finally be able to purchase Spirit Blossom skins for Cassiopeia, Riven, Kindred, Ahri, and Yone—League’s newest champion and Yasuo’s long-lost brother—on Aug. 6. These champions have each had their own chance to shine in the Spirit Blossom event’s narrative experience, Spirit Bonds, but the skins weren’t available for purchase following the event’s start last month.

Of the bunch, Ahri’s Spirit Blossom skin stands out as a legendary cosmetic item and will be priced at 1,820 RP accordingly. The other four skins will cost 1,350 RP. Each of the new skins will release with their own set of chromas for additional purchase.

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Riot is taking a week-long break during the week of Aug. 10, meaning Patch 10.16 will run twice as long as a normal update. Patch 10.16 is expected to arrive on the live servers early tomorrow morning.

Here are all the skins releasing in Patch 10.16.

Spirit Blossom Ahri

Image via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Kindred

Image via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Riven

Image via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia

Image via Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Yone

Image via Riot Games

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