Schalke 04 upset Rogue, extend win streak to 3 games in 2021 LEC Spring Split

With this win, Schalke have claimed sole possession of third place in the LEC.

Photo via Riot Games

After taking down G2 Esports in dramatic fashion last weekend, Schalke 04 continued their giant-slaying ways today with a win over Rogue in the 2021 LEC Spring Split. In back-to-back weeks, Schalke have given two separate undefeated teams their first losses of the season.

The contest remained relatively calm throughout the early game with Schalke and Rogue trading blows and seeing the gold graph bounce up and down for the first 20 minutes. But when Schalke found a pivotal teamfight victory near the dragon pit at the 21-minute mark, the team refused to relinquish its gold lead from there on out. Even when Rogue managed to highlight the late game by capturing Baron, Schalke responded with a four-for-one teamfight to close out the match. 

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While Schalke might not have the absolute best record in the LEC after today’s win, a 4-2 record does catapult the team into sole possession of third place—just one game behind Rogue and G2 for a share of first. Schlake will look to cap off a perfect 2-0 week for the second week in a row when they return to the Rift tomorrow for a matchup with Misfits. 

As for Rogue, the team’s 5-1 record gives them a tie with G2 at the top of the LEC. Those two squads will face off for a spot atop the region on Feb. 12. But until then, Rogue will look to rebound tomorrow in what should be a very winnable game against Astralis.

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