Ryze, Lee Sin, and Aphelios among the dozen or so champs set to receive buffs in League’s massive Patch 12.11

The gigantic patch aims to "maintain item choice, champion feel and identity," according to Riot.

Image via Riot Games

The devs at League of Legends are ready to give some much-needed love and attention to some of the worst-performing champions on Summoner’s Rift in Patch 12.11.

Scheduled to hit the live servers on Wednesday, June 8, the next update includes over a dozen buffs to champions, including Ryze, Lee Sin, and Aphelios. Targeting champions that have underperformed over the last several patch cycles, these changes aim to maintain “champion feel and identity,” according to Riot’s lead game balance designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison.

Ryze, Lee Sin, and Aphelios are the three worst champions in the Platinum division and above, according to League stats site U.GG. Spanning three different roles, each champion has barely exceeded a 40 percent win rate in Patch 12.10. Ryze has a 41.59 percent win rate, making the Rune Mage statically the worst of a bad bunch.

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Xin Zhao, Nunu, Taric, Raken, Samira, Caitlyn, Tahm Kench, Irelia, Gragas, Tryndamere, and Sylas are also set and ready to receive buffs in the upcoming patch. This is on top of nerfs to a number of other champions and system adjustments across the board.

The details concerning all of these balance changes have yet to be revealed by the Riot devs, but a full list of the changes will almost certainly be made available soon. 

“We’re being careful to not undo what we just did and are doing our best to maintain item choice, champion feel and identity, role balance, etc,” Phroxzon said. “A lot of work to still be done.”