Lee Sin is the fourth most-played jungler in League but has the second-worst win rate in the game at 44.8 percent

It's been a steady drop for one of the most popular champions in the game.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans might have seen some exceptional Lee Sin play at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, but solo queue players know that the classic champion has struggled through the game’s most recent update, Patch 12.10.

Popular solo queue stats aggregate U.GG has confirmed that Lee Sin is still one of the most-played junglers in the game among ranks above Platinum. He does, however, have the second-worst win rate in the game at the same rank comparison, holding an abysmal 44.8 percent. His winning percentage is only higher than Ryze, who has had the lowest win rate in League for a while now.

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Lee Sin’s win rate has also steadily dropped over the past five patches, going from 47.5 percent to 44.8 from Patch 12.6 to 12.10. Compared to others in the role, the playmaking roundhouse kicker has a sub-46 percent win rate against multiple strong meta junglers such as Wukong, Graves, Viego, Kindred, and Volibear.

As a playmaker who thrives on finding big picks with his ultimate ability, Dragon’s Rage, the recent durability update has made his job a lot harder since his kill pressure has been significantly reduced. People still need to adapt their playstyle and builds to favor more extended teamfights because it’ll be a lot harder to instantly eliminate someone with the buffs to health, resists, and damage.

For the pro scene, however, it’s a completely different story. The champion is still seeing consistent play across most leagues and even saw a good amount of competition at MSI. For example, Royal Never Give Up’s MVP-winning jungler Yan “Wei” Yang-wei had a 66-percent win rate on the champion and closed out the game-winning match against T1 with two kills and 11 assists.

With Lee Sin now dropping quickly in win rate, Riot might need to step in and apply some buffs to everyone’s favorite blindfolded battle monk. For now, fans will need to keep a close eye out on how his numbers evolve as the new patch settles in with the player base.