RNG demolish Ultra Prime, extends win streak to 5 series in 2021 LPL Summer Split

The MSI champions are back in form.

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Royal Never Give Up picked up a one-sided 2-0 series win over Ultra Prime in the seventh week of the 2021 LPL Summer Split, extending their win streak to 5 series after a weak start of the split.

The MVP votes for today’s series went to the topside of RNG, Xiaohu and Wei. Both players had a stellar performance with the top laner picking up Jayce in both matches and stomping his opponents, finishing the series with a combined KDA of 14/4/8. He also had one of the highest damage percentages in both matches at around 35 percent of his team’s total damage. The jungler had a messy first game after a weak early game but bounced back in the second match with a strong Lee Sin performance. He went for invades and dives on a constant basis, helping his team secure huge leads over their laning opponents.

The first match of the series opened up with a traditional LPL bloodbath where both teams went for skirmishes all across the map. While UP managed to pick up a couple of kills, RNG was still coming out on top with more kills and assists in every skirmish. Xiaohu in particular picked up a lot of kills that helped him snowball the rest of the match with ease. With a fed top laner, RNG was able to pick up most neutral objectives on the map. Once they secured the Infernal Dragon Soul, RNG went on to finish the game in dominant fashion.

After the monstrous performance from Xiaohu’s Jayce, UP once again left it up in the second match, proving to be a huge mistake. The top laner started destroying his counterpart, who picked Renekton once again, and gave a lot of room to his teammates to move around the map.

Since Xiaohu kept drawing attention from the opposing jungler to his lane, Wei was able to invade and pick up free camps, before looking to dive unaware opponents from their own jungle. His Lee Sin mechanics were on point and he left no room for errors, securing a kill every time his ultimate was up. After picking up the Baron, RNG closed out the series convincingly.

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RNG (6-5) climbed to 10th place with this victory, which is the last qualifier spot for playoffs. If they keep up their performance, they should easily be able to climb higher and have a safety net in case they lose a series or two towards the end of the split. Their next challenge on the Rift is JD Gaming (7-5) on Saturday, July 24. Tune in to see if the 2020 Spring Split champions can put a stop to RNG’s streak.

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