Riot unveils 2020 LPL Spring Split All-Pro first team

It was a good mix of old faces and new.

Photo via Riot Games

After a roller coaster of a split, Riot Games introduced the full 2020 LPL Spring Split All-Pro first team today. The entire roster is filled with great talent from top to support and also has plenty of team variety, unlike some regions.

There are some familiar faces across the lineup, including a few superstars we’ve seen on League of Legends’ biggest stage. There were, however, some younger players who showed their potential as new stars this split as well. The 2020 LPL Spring Split All-Pro first team features TheShy, Kanavi, Doinb, Puff, and ShiauC.

The first player comes as no surprise. Invictus Gaming’s TheShy has been one of the best players in the world for a while and his reign in the top lane didn’t stop this year. He led all LPL top laners with 129 kills while boasting the highest damage numbers of anyone in his role. He also had the most deaths in the league this past season, though.

Kanavi comes in as the first team’s All-Pro jungler, capping off an MVP-caliber season with JD Gaming. With 151 kills and only 68 deaths, the 19-year-old had one of the most impressive seasons we’ve seen from an LPL jungler. He also had the highest damage numbers in his role and helped carry the organization to its best regular-season finish ever.

The man in the middle was undoubtedly going to be FunPlus Phoenix’s Doinb, who had another stellar Spring Split. The 23-year-old veteran finished the season with the third-most kills of any LPL mid laner and dealt 30.2 percent of his team’s damage—the most in his role.

Finally, the bottom lane includes IG’s Puff and eStar’s ShiauC. This season, Puff had the undesirable task of filling in for superstar AD carry JackeyLove after he decided to join Top Esports late in April. But instead of floundering under the task, the 21-year-old showed up big for his team, ending the split with the most kills in the LPL.

Meanwhile, this was ShiauC’s first stint as an LPL support after spending his entire career in the LMS with Flash Wolves. The 20-year-old had the third-most assists in the league but also had a surprising 60 kills to his name.

You can watch all of these players in action in the 2020 LPL Spring playoffs. The next matchup will take place tomorrow, April 23, between Edward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up.

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