Riot ships League Patch 12.11 hotfix targeting Ryze, Kog’Maw, and Olaf

A few changes have been made to champions following the patch.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 12.11 brought tons of changes to Summoner’s Rift on Wednesday, June 8. Following the durability update, which changed how champions interacted with each other, the devs aimed to balance the game.

Over a dozen champions received either buffs or nerfs in the recent patch, together with a series of changes to items and systems. This, as expected, led to another major shift in the meta. Targeting a few outliers, the devs have now launched a hotfix with Ryze, Kog’Maw, Olaf, and Zeri in mind.

The first two champions will welcome buffs in the hotfix, with the Rune Mage receiving a shorter cooldown on his Overload (Q)—from six to five seconds. His damage on Spell Flux (E) has also been slightly increased. When it comes to Kog’Maw, he will deal more damage with Bio-arcane Barrage (W). Both of these changes seem sensible since Ryze has the lowest win rate in the mid lane with 42.12 percent, while Kog’Maw’s win rate fell to 48.63 percent in the latest patch, according to U.GG.

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Two champions that certainly cannot complain about their win rates are Olaf and Zeri. In the hotfix, the Berserker has had two of his abilities, Undertow (Q) and Tough it Out (W), weakened. They will now reduce less armor and grant a smaller shield. The Spark of Zaun, meanwhile, has received direct nerfs to her basic attacks as well as her Burst FIre (Q) and Spark Surge (E).

While Olaf has been one of the best top laners in the game since Patch 12.10—he currently sits at a 53.76 percent win rate—Zeri has surged to the top of the AD carry rankings following the latest update. After Patch 12.11 went live, she went from a 46.3 percent win rate to a 54 percent win rate.