Riot shares Dr. Mundo’s ‘medikul jernel’—and it’s hilarious

"No patients is good noos for the peeple, I always say."

Image via Riot Games

For League of Legends fans procrastinating on getting a checkup, one Zaunite doctor is looking for more patients.

Riot shared Day 283 of Dr. Mundo’s “medikul jernel” today, poking fun at the self-proclaimed physician ahead of his upcoming visual gameplay update. And while deciphering the diary entry might be a little difficult, it’s certainly entertaining.

Even though Mundo laments that he didn’t have any “pashents” today, he ultimately understands that it’s for the good of his fellow Zaunites.

“I am fine withh it,” the diary entry reads. “In fact it is good becuz it means pepul in Zaun are healfy! No patients is good noos for the peeple, I always say.”

This subtle look into Mundo’s character provides more insight into the inner workings of the top laner who stole players’ hearts. While he’s still “utterly mad” and “tragically homicidal,” according to Riot, the journal’s humor makes Mundo feel more human and relatable.

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League players can expect Mundo’s VGU to hit the live servers with Patch 11.12 on June 9, which will include a fresh design, new animations, and an updated ability kit.

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