Riot shares Dr. Mundo’s full VGU slated for League Patch 11.12—and he goes where he pleases

The much-anticipated rework is right around the corner.

Image via Riot Games

Zaun’s “utterly mad” and “tragically homicidal” doctor has got a new look.

Riot unveiled the Dr. Mundo visual gameplay update today, showcasing the Madman of Zaun’s new abilities and model deploying with League of Legends Patch 11.12. And while it might not be a huge thematic departure from the Mundo of old, it’ll definitely help one of the oldest champions transition into modern times.

Mundo’s updated champion lore coins him as a “self-proclaimed physician.” Once a patient of Zaun’s most infamous asylum, Mundo began to mimic the unethical procedures that he experienced at the hands of the staff. Now he terrorizes anyone who wanders close to his office and “makes himself more monstrous” with each injection.

As for Mundo’s reworked abilities, you can expect his Q and ultimate to be very similar to his old version. Infected Bonesaw (Q) throws an infected projectile that deals damage and slows your target. Maximum Dosage (R) pumps Mundo up with chemicals that heals him over time, while offering bonus movement speed and attack damage.

Image via Riot Games

His other abilities are where Riot provided much-welcomed changes. Mundo’s new passive, Goes Where He Pleases, allows him to resist the next immobilizing effect that hits him. When that happens, Mundo will lose health instead and drop a chemical canister nearby that can be picked up. This canister restores a portion of max health and reduces the passive’s cooldown, but enemies can destroy it by walking over it.

Mundo electrocutes himself with Heart Zapper (W), dealing persistent damage to nearby enemies and storing a portion of that damage as gray health. The madman then deals a burst of magic damage that also heals his gray health if an enemy is hit. And Blunt Force Trauma (E) tosses a “medical” bag into an enemy that deals damage based on missing health. If the opposing champion, or minion, dies, the projectile swats them away, dealing damage to enemies they pass through.

Overall, the Mundo rework stayed true to the original 2009 design. His model got a modern update to put him on par with some of the more recent additions to the game. And players who pick him up post-VGU won’t be completely lost, lessening the learning curve dramatically.

League’s Patch 11.12 is scheduled to go live on June 9, according to the official patch schedule. Dr. Mundo’s rework will likely hit the PBE for the two weeks leading up to the patch.

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