Riot seemingly hint at PROJECT Mordekaiser in sinister League teaser


Screengrab via Riot Games

Mordekaiser might be getting some badass upgrades.

Riot hinted at a new PROJECT skin today, tweeting a teaser that seemingly shows the Iron Revenant in his new garb. The company has yet to officially confirm the Mordekaiser cosmetic, however.

The teaser pans from the ground up, first showing a hulking figure reflected in a rain puddle on the floor while dramatic music intensifies. It eventually focuses on a large hammer powering up with two lit-up gauntlets clasping its handle.

The rumored splash art for what appears to be PROJECT Mordekaiser was making its rounds earlier today, featuring what looks like Program Lissandra in the background. But without confirmation from Riot, this is still all speculation.

It’s unclear which of the four factions Mordekaiser will fall into: Central, G/NETIC, PROJECT Command Line, or Outsiders. Judging from the terrifying trailer, Morde may be a part of the antagonist Command Line group looking to destroy the G/NETIC rebellion, joining Zed and Katarina.

In a now-deleted tweet celebrating Varus’ birthday, Riot appeared to leak a PROJECT skin for the AD carry. The image showed off a Varus skin with similar tropes seen in the skin line, giving him white hair, a glowing visor, and an upside-down triangle on his chest. Varus’ potential inclusion in the skin line likely points to more champions entering the PROJECT universe in this round of cosmetics.

There are already 17 existing PROJECT skins, making it one of League of Legends‘ more popular thematics. And the Program skin line, which includes six cosmetics, is also a part of the cyberpunk universe.

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