Riot reveals PROJECT Varus skin splash in champion’s birthday social media post

The Arrow of Retribution could be joining the popular skin line in the future.

Image via Riot Games

Much to the surprise of League of Legends fans, Riot Games previewed the next skin for Varus in a celebration tweet for the champion’s birthday. The Arrow of Retribution will be one of the next to join the popular PROJECT skin universe, according to the image.

The post asks fans what Varus should wear to celebrate his birthday, with nine images of skins. Almost every image is an existing skin for the champion, except for the third option, which is a splash art for an unreleased cosmetic.

The armor and design that Varus has in the picture matches almost every other PROJECT skin that has released, including the glowing triangular visor and the upside-down triangle on his chest. He also has white hair and a green scarf draped across his shoulder, while standing in the rain.

Image via Riot Games

As for the lore, there are only four factions within the PROJECT skin universe that Varus could be part of: Central, G/NETIC, the PROJECT Command Line, and the Outsiders. There’s a good chance that he will join Ashe, Yasuo, and Lucian in the rebellious G/NETIC group to take down the PROJECT corporation.

Should he join the PROJECT universe, he’ll be the 18th champion of the skin line. Overall, this will be Varus’ eighth skin since his release back in 2012. It’ll be interesting to see if Riot makes the official unveiling soon now that we’ve gotten a teaser today.

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